Transformation Consulting Services

The capability of an enterprise to transform itself is essential to adapt it to its environment, grow and survive. Those organizations seeking to transform themselves are expecting to achieve a step change to another whole new level of performance – in short, a quantum jump in their ability to create more value.

Sustainable Transformation requires that changes are imbedded in the culture and the operating model of the enterprise in such a way that true organizational agility is developed and future transformations are easier to achieve.

Our Transformation Consulting services include:

  • Consulting and coaching support for leaders considering or conducting major organizational transformations in terms of effectively communicating a vision, structuring a transformation program and projects, and managing organizational change
  • Providing executive sponsors, change agents, project leaders with the necessary frameworks, techniques and tools and coaching to help them be more successful in affecting change

This consulting service is normally blended with the delivery of other BCI services that are related to desired transformation e.g. Process Improvement, Strategy implementation, or IT Effectiveness.