Strategic Planning and Implementation Consulting Services

Every enterprise or company has a strategy, whether it is explicitly stated or not. Strategy seeks to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the creation of a unique and valuable position for an enterprise in relation to its competition. A sound vision and strategy provides compelling purpose, direction and context for the activities of an enterprise. Unfortunately, too many exercises in strategic planning either mystify it to the point of a black art, turn it into analysis paralysis, or create plans that are never really believed in or executed.

Barracliffe Consulting provides a practical, team-based approach to strategy development that helps your leadership team:

  • Define shared Vision and Goals
  • Identify the necessary Operating Model changes to align with the Vision
  • Develop specific strategies to achieve the vision
  • Put the Strategy into action

Our facilitated workshop approach engages the talents of the entire team and builds buy-in and cohesiveness. Our focus is on building a compelling, actionable strategy, not a report that will sit on a shelf.