Facilitation Services

The ability to work effectively in groups is vital for solving complex problems, breaking down organizational silos, and tapping into the multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge within and across organizations. Unfortunately many meetings and group work sessions are not very effective and participants are often disappointed or frustrated by the results. This can be an expensive not only in terms of the time of the people involved, but in terms of the opportunities lost.

Sometimes teams and workgroups simply need a neutral, third party catalyst to liberate the “group genius” and obtain the best results of their collaborative work sessions and meetings. Our Facilitation Services are designed to achieve this by providing neutral and objective facilitation, session design, use of workgroup techniques, and documentation. Workshops range from half a day, to 2-3 days, to a series of workshops for project teams, committees, and workgroups addressing more complex issues.

Typical facilitated workshops are for:

  • Executive and Management Retreats
  • Vision Development
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Problem Solving & Decision Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Systems Requirements Definition & Selection
  • Organizational Development
  • Project Chartering and Planning
  • Project Portfolio Evaluation and Ranking

We use an “outcome focused” workshop design approach that respects and integrates your specific organizational culture and knowledge into the work sessions and creates forward momentum after each workshop.