Common Operating Problems

Barracliffe Consulting can also help your organization solve common operating problems. Some typical problems that we help our clients with are listed below. Click on a problem to see which of our services may apply. As you know, a "presenting problem" is often not the root problem and may simply be a symptom of something else. Real business and operating problems are normally a mixture of contributing factors. To address this, we will work with you to conduct a rigorous problem analysis and use our Anatomy of an EnterpriseSM framework to put the underlying problem in the proper context to help you solve it.

Vision and Strategy
We need to make a major organizational
change or transformation
We can't agree on a common vision
We need a clear strategy that we can execute
We need to generate better ideas for doing "X"
Business Process Management
Our customers/clients/ stakeholders are
dissatisfied with our ability to do "X"
We have a problem with our "X" Process
We don't have a consistent process for "X"
It takes too long to do "X"
It costs us too much to do "X"
We are spending too much on "X"
We need to do more with less
We are getting bogged down in red tape!
We don't have policies and procedures for "X"