Barracliffe Consulting

Are you trying to raise the performance of your company or organization to another level? Are you frustrated by your organization’s inability to implement new systems and operational improvements?

Barracliffe Consulting provides businesses and other organizations with management consulting services to improve the performance, flexibility, and agility of their operations. We help our clients solve specific operating problems and also to achieve major Enterprise Transformation.

Enterprise Transformation aims to change the operating model of a company or organization to significantly improve its performance, value creation, and organizational strength. Common operating problems can often be symptomatic of deeper organizational issues that lie in the relationships between the various elements of a company’s operating model. Effective and robust transformation requires a reshaping of the operating model of the enterprise to create more value through better alignment of ideas, people, resources, processes and technology. We help your team, take a holistic and practical approach to tackle these problems and achieve sustainable, positive change that works. Please explore our web site, our Anatomy of an EnterpriseSM framework, the common operating problems we work on, and our service descriptions. For more information please contact us at or call us at (714) 731-0846.